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W-CARE Portable Facial Vibration Massager was commercialized at the end of 2009 with the above slogan and the product idea in 2009. It can be used by men and women of all ages from 20’s to 70's, as the beauty equipment with excellent performance for wrinkle removal and management. The product is a portable micro vibration massager equipped with the function of iontophoresis without a switch, helping to absorb optimally eye cream and essence to the corium as well as the epidermis. It is a product of sensitivity engineering that iontophoresis can be perceived, with the function of nutrition and lifting, and it tenderly vibrates at the eye rim and around the mouth and the nose with little stimulus. The device is an exclusive massager that is appropriate for improving wrinkles owing to the design of the optimized ion head structure for massage.

As the patented product, this product provides an excellent effect in the anti-wrinkle and anti aging skin. This Face Massager will give you joy and happiness by investing 10 minutes a day. It'll take the responsibility of your beauty. Please invest for yourself right now.

Strengths of the product

“Generating Ion and Micro Vibration”

When the product is used, it helps optimal absorption of eye cream and essence to corium as well as epidermis by generating caution together with micro vibration.

  • By Ion Serum absorption Increase
  • Vibration drinking Giro Improve wrinkles and skin aging
  • Easy portability
  • Simple manipulations

“Best Portability”

Unlike ordinary massager, it is available to operate the device of super light weight type of 223(g) only with users’ hands and to use it any time and at any place as it is easy to carry using AAA battery without charging.

Product Effects

“Assistant of 100% Absorption”

In case that you apply cosmetic lotion with hands, generally only 70% is absorbed to the skin and the rest 30% is absorbed to the hands. The device assists to absorb the remained 30% to the corium with iontophoresis by the vibration of the front head.

  • Effective massage head improving wrinkles not only eye rim also around rip and nose.
  • Cosmetics can be absorbed deep into the subcutaneous tissue.

Products Operation

“Automatic Operation through a Sensor”

Different from other ordinary products, the device is manufactured by the best technology, and it operates automatically at the moment when it contacts the skin by the function utilizing a moisture sensor and the minute electric current of the human body. It has not an operation button with the function to stop automatically when it senses no residue of cosmetic fluid that has been absorbed into the skin.

W-CARE works when you grab automatic metal plated handle with moisture sensor and contract skin.
(W-CARE does not work on non electronic body part such as nail and hair)

How to use

  1. Apply to eye area cosmetics, and wrinkles.
  2. Spread by gently massaging machine and putting it to be absorbed.
  3. Cosmetics are absorbed sense of balance. To be used when to stop.
  4. This product is 1-2 times a week, the average 5minute is recommended for injection.


“Optimized Head Structure”
The product provides the function of nutrition - lifting, due to its design of optimized head structure for massaging at narrow wrinkle area at eye rim, around mouth and nose where are hard to be massaged.

Product Specification


















  • Size : 105.3x20.6x20mm
  • 1 AAA3 batteries
  • Electric strength 0.1mA
  • 6 hours of continuous use
  • Supply Voltage : DC 1.5V
  • Power Consumption : 75mW

Caution & Notice

  • Before use, please read the user’s manual.
  • Don’t wash the product.
  • Don’t keep in high temperature, high humidity and cold place.
  • After use, please remove the residual liquid on the head to use a piece of cotton without water.
  • Don't use if you have metal allergies.
  • Due to the nature of electronic products exchange and returns is impossible after open thepackage
  • Don't use during this periods, pregnancy and postpartum within 1month.
  • Keep this product out if the reach of children and pets.

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